Horsley Nameboard/keyring workshop

Horsley youth group getting to grips with the spray can.

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For indoor workshops we use water based or acrylic spray paints like Sugar spray paint, it’s unlike any aerosol product..

Sugar is harvested specifically to deliver the highest quality results for artists, with the lowest possible impact on your health and our environment.

Innovations in aerosol technology have led to a unique formulation, which combines water with alcohol made from sugar-cane to replace petroleum-based solvents. 

As a result, Sugar contains fewer Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning less toxins absorbed into the user’s body and less environmental impact, while still delivering a superior product that is designed to meet the modern needs of today’s artists.

Vibrant colour. Highly opaque. Matt finish. Soft pressure. UV resistant pigments. Extremely low smell. Clean, crisp control.