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Swimming pool mural commission

A recent mural commission I completed in Bristol at a private swimming pool.

Table Commision




New Graffiti Paintings



Nailsworth Skate ramps and workshop

Working with Nailsworth youth club to produce a mural on the skate ramps at the park,Lee also provided several graffiti workshops up at the youth club to sharpen their graffiti skills.




Minchinhampton youth club

Everyone who participated in the  spray painting and design experience thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a different experience for all of us and was extremely enjoyable. ‘It was a unique experience.’ Many would be happy to be part of it !

It has given everyone a chance to let out their creativity in a number of projects which was exciting for everyone !  Thank-you very much , Everyone at Minch’ Youth Club.
Laura Hands and Hannah Richings.

Vehicle Art

Pimped this recently for  somebody who wanted a gremlins themed piece on his V.w. T4 transformer van, “never feed him after midnight”…


[photoblocks id=10]

Castaway chill out room mural

A recent mural I produced locally which includes all four walls and the ceiling.Painted mostly with house paint and water based spray paints.

Earlier this year, my wife & I moved house, within the Stroud area of Gloucestershire. In our new home, I was keen to have a room that could provide a peaceful retreat for all family members. Lee Kirby, a local artist, agreed to paint all the walls and ceiling of the room as if it was a tropical island! The result is fantastic – the room is surrounded by a sandy shore with a palm tree in one corner and a ceiling full of fluffy clouds. Add a couple of deckchairs, some Pampas grass and a sound track of seagulls + waves on a shore – we have an incredibly stress free and tranquil space. 

For anyone who wants a similar retreat within their own home, Lee and his company The Art of the 3rd Eye are highly recommended.


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