Corsham skate park 2011

“In our view, Lee is in the same league as Banksy, just not as well known. He first worked for us in 2006 when he held workshops for young skaters, in order to get their ideas for graffiti design on the then new skate park.He also trained 5 or 6 them who worked under his direction to do some of the work.The results exceeded our expectations, so when the time came to repaint the skate park in 2011, it was a no-brainer to decide who we wanted to do it.
Following consultation with some young skaters (and others) we were able to give a few ideas to Lee about some of the content we wanted to see incorporated in his new design – then left it to him.  Once again, the end result exceeded everyone’s expectations and we were all delighted.Well done Lee”.
Brian Eatock skate park manager.