Kennet valley primary School

Recently lee has been working with some primary school children at Kennet valley Primary School,the workshops were 2 hrs long and we did 4 sessions over a month.
as you can see they were really in to it and i was amazed how creative they all were.

Canvas Workshops are a very popular workshop activity which can be done inside with paint pens, lee can work with larger groups and the workshop can be done in a day or spread out over several weeks  for example 3-4 x 2 hour sessions.

students will be guided through the design process and shown how to create simple images that are visually striking and relevant to the theme. All participants will be trained in the subtle arts of graffiti and how to achieve the best results of freehand “writing”.
As an option,after you have exhibited the art work, students can take their piece of art home to decorate their own walls.
This is a very popular and engaging workshop and gives the students a sense of ownership and achievement.
please feel free to contact me for a lesson plan and a quote.

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