The art of 3rdEye  would like to offer you and your group a chance to work with a professional graffiti artist to produce your very own mural, graffiti or painting on a wall,board or canvas.
I will supply all the materials needed to complete these fun engaging workshops.

Graffiti workshop on boards

You and your group will work with a professional graffiti artist and will learn the subtle art of graffiti and how to use a spray can to produce your very own piece of art on a board.


Magic Markers and Stencil Workshops

You and your group will produce your very own artwork to be produce on canvas or reclaimed wood.

Participants will use paint pens,stencils and water based spray paints to create instant,fun,striking pieces of art.
A very engaging workshop  for any age and ability.

depending on the size of  your group the workshops can be completed in less than  2hrs or spread out over a few weeks.
lee will tailor the workshop to best suite your needs.


Keyring’s and Name board Workshops

Name board and keyring customisation Workshops are also a very popular workshop activity.

the workshop can be completed in a few hours or spread out over several sessions. 



  • Designing and cutting stencils
  • Collaboration
  • Design
  • Composition
  • Shading
  • Use of spray can techniques
  •  links to art class/course, GCSE/A Level/BTEC.
  • Lee has a full and up to date c.r.b


Please  don’t hesitate to get in touch for any more information ...