The art of 3rdEye  would like to offer you and your group a chance to work with a professional graffiti artist to produce your very own mural, graffiti or painting on a wall board or canvas, I will supply all the materials needed to complete these fun engaging workshops.

Each of our murals is a unique creation and they instantly attract attention, turning a dull space into an exciting bright one.This is an exciting art form which is also ideal for engaging young people.I can work with groups and individuals to create exciting and colourful murals based on themes and ideas generated by the group to be produced on interiors and exteriors, buildings and walls, skate ramps, canvas or boards.


Graffiti workshop on boards

You and your group will work with a professional graffiti artist and will be trained in the subtle art of graffiti and how to use a spray can to produce your very own piece of art on a board.This workshop is ideally suited for groups age 11 plus.


Magic Markers Workshops

You and your group will produce your very own artwork to be produce on canvas with paint pens acrylics,brushes and stencil, this is a similar engaging workshop which can be done inside with larger groups to accommodate all ages. the course can be done in just 2hrs if you like just a taster session or it can be done to a higher standard over 4 sessions.
week 1 developing ideas looking at resource and researching other artist works.
week 2 transfer of design on to canvas either with pencil and freehand or with the use of tracing paper or carbon paper.
week 3 colouring canvas with paint pens and or acrylics.
week 4 finalise canvas details and outlines.

depending on size of group the workshops can be completed in 2hrs or spread out over a few weeks, lee will tailor the workshop to best suite your needs. 


Name board and keyring Workshops are a very popular workshop activity which can be done inside with paint pens, lee can work with larger groups and the workshop can be done in a day or spread out over several weeks  for example 3 – 4 x 2 hour sessions.  lee will tailor the workshop to best suite your needs. 

Keyring’s and Name board Workshops


  • Designing and cutting stencils
  • Collaboration
  • Design
  • Composition
  • Shading
  • Use of spray can techniques
  •  links to art class/course, GCSE/A Level/BTEC.
  • Lee has a full and up to date c.r.b


Please  don’t hesitate to get in touch for any more information ...