As you can see I am a specialist in creating murals. Each of my murals is a unique creation and they instantly attract attention, turning a dull space into an exciting bright one.

A mural can also be educational or mathematical or geometrical it could be themed if you like such as an underwater scene or a mural of space and the universe it could explore your area geographically or be based on your  name and logo it could be historical it can have a positive message or just be a beautiful landscape to inspire.

 The murals can be based on well known characters or we can create you an original all are composed resulting in delightful scenes which will add magic and wonder to your walls. I can use acrylic based paints,which are low odour and non toxic all my murals are durable and very practical.

 Our murals can be produced on interiors and exteriors, buildings and walls, reception areas,venues, canvas and boards etc. if you have a blank interior or exterior wall you could be using that space to have a mural tell me your ideas and i will create you a mural that will inspire and be the admiration and envy of  others.

I can also create a design for a mural based on drawings done by you.

I have enjoyed working in a wide range of areas with many different people from a variety of social backgrounds within both inner city and rural settings. I have worked with community groups young and old including people with learning difficulties, youth offending groups, primary and secondary school children and F.E colleges for the past 14 years all over the south west of england.

If you have a blank interior or exterior wall, shutters or windows you could be using that space to advertise your presence with a mural.

These murals painted on your premises can be painted with designs that can graphically illustrate and promote any aspect of your business that you choose. We can help you select colours and images to inspire and turn a dull space into an inspirational space developing  your business’s sense of identity and enhancing your sales potential and reputation.

Pick a blank wall, it could be your reception,working space, window or shutters, select your colour range and we can create art that is exclusive and unique to your business. Art that will constantly attract attention and make your business the focus of admiration.


Murals For Decoration

All murals are individually priced according to size, style, detail and location.  Although murals can be designed to fit any budget.



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